Why Glamping?

Top 3 Reasons to Book a Glamping Trip This Year

As you draft up vacation plans and dream of where you’ll be whisked away to next, be sure to reserve a spot for a glamping adventure. With the perfect blend of nature and comfort, glamping is a rising fad that just might be here to stay, and you’ll know why when you experience it. 

1. Low-stress packing

Can you think back to any previous camping trips and remember the amount of work it took simply leading up to the day of departure? The time and energy it takes to make sure you’ve thought of every detail is a part-time job in itself! And if you forget one thing, like a sleeping pad, you’re going to reap the consequences each night. Let’s not make that mistake. 

We think glamping is a great way to relieve the stress of packing and dramatically simplify what you’re responsible for bringing. Skip the hassle and the hours of loading gear. Much of what you would normally need to bring on a camping trip is covered at our Waypoint Outposts! That means you can spend less time packing (and unpacking) and more time jumping straight into your vacation adventure, which is how it should be.   

2. A blend of comfort and adventure

Let’s be real. When your family is vacationing, there can be a broad range of likes and dislikes, so while some may love the thrill of nature, others might be panicking at the thought of a single mosquito (not to mention the lions roaring next door at our Safari Village).

Glamping is a way to compromise the best of both worlds! Everyone wins! With the Out of Africa Wildlife Park as our neighbor, those seeking the thrills and excitement of the outdoors will be eating up the adventure. For our city slickers, we have the perfect day trips to Sedona, Camp Verde, Jerome, and more to keep you busy before you snuggle into your real bed for the night. 

Additionally, flush toilets and hot showers will be music to your ears if you’re not a fan of outhouses. Adventure doesn’t have to mean you’re dirty and uncomfortable. We’ve found the perfect blend.    

3. New experience and new gear

In addition to saving you time and energy on your packing, you’re also getting to experience quality tents and gear that you might not get to otherwise! Our standards are high, so you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to our quality standards. 

The beds, bathrooms, tents, hammocks, and fire pits are just a few of the ways we want to spoil you while you’re here. 

As the Arizona summer temps begin to make their descent, we encourage you to book your stay now! We hope you’ll experience these three perks and more when you come visit us at Waypoint Outposts. See you soon!

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