Traveling to Sedona, Part 1

Best Hiking Spots

It’s quite the task to narrow down which hikes are the best in Sedona. Everywhere you turn, stunning views, incredible vistas, and scenic trails are awaiting you. So, the great news is, when you take a day trip from our Waypoint Outposts to Sedona, the 38-minute drive will provide endless possibilities for beauty and adventure. You really can’t go wrong!

Still, we want to pinpoint a few of our favorites so you can enjoy the beloved hikes in this tourist town. 

Top 3 Hikes to take in Sedona

1. Cathedral Rock

With an iconic destination up this trail, Cathedral Rock is a thrilling hike with an amazing photo op at the end! You’ll enjoy views of Bell Rock as well as the beautiful landscape toward the west once you reach the top. A narrow ledge at the final destination provides an iconic photo spot for your “on-top-of-the-world” pose. 

Bring lots of water, and be prepared to scale a few spots of smooth rock as you make your way up this trail. It’s a one-mile round trip hike, with an elevation gain of 550 feet. The short distance and stunning scenery make this a popular hike, so be prepared for a full parking lot! You can reach both parking lots via Back’O’Beyond Road, but the trail can also be accessed from the Baldwin and Templeton trails.

2. Bell Rock

The distinct shape and size of Bell Rock makes it one of the most recognizable hiking spots in Sedona. This out-and-back, 1-mile hike is a tourist favorite. The 400-foot elevation gain marks the hike as a moderate climb. You can divide it into three sections: Lower Bell Rock Trail, Upper Bell Rock Trail, and the Ascent. Each of these progresses in difficulty. So if you’re with the family and looking for an easier climb, stick to the Lower Bell Rock Trail. Experienced hikers can venture beyond!

Be aware there is little shade on this hike, so be prepared with a hat and plenty of water! Additionally, note the $5 Sedona trail pass fee, which should get you access for the day to any Sedona trail!

3. Devil’s Bridge 

Don’t let the name scare you. This hike is well worth the stunning view and sought-after natural sandstone arch photo op. Just over four miles out-and-back, you’ll also share much of your hike with pink jeep tours, ATVs, mountain bikes, and fellow hikers. 

We can’t remind you enough to bring plenty of water, as this hike lacks shade. After venturing through a long, fairly flat, rocky roadway, the hike settles into more of a steep climb with distinct rock steps to allow footholds along the way. 

As you near the end of the hike, you’ll see a secondary lookout, perfect for the first photo! But don’t stop there! Keep climbing a bit more and you’ll find the long line of tourists awaiting their solo walk onto the Devil’s Bridge. Fellow hikers are great about helping with photos, but plan to be waiting in line for a while, especially if you’re hitting the trail at a busy time. 

You Can’t Go Wrong

These three hikes are some of the most iconic that we wouldn’t want you to miss. But the truth is, you’ll quickly find that you can’t go wrong when choosing a hike in Sedona. Simply driving around, you’ll see the showcase of red rock beauty. But a hike is definitely worth the time when you plan your stop here. 

Our camp shower is a great stop after your dusty red rock legs are ready to settle in for the night at our Waypoint Outpost. We’ll be ready for you!