The Adventure Begins

An Introduction to Waypoint Outposts

Welcome to Waypoint Outposts! If we haven’t met you yet, we want to! We love making new friends and growing our circle of outdoor enthusiasts.

We’ve found this community of people (people like you!) to be so much fun. A shared love for nature is a shared love for beauty, adventure, fun stories, new scenery, and most importantly…s’mores. Just kidding…kind of.

Each new friend and visitor at Waypoint Outposts is bound to experience the joy and thrill of nature, mixed with the comfort and ease of home. We think you’ll find it to be the perfect formula when you can be outside, enjoy wildlife, spend quality time with friends and family, and then head back to a cozy bed for the night. It truly makes all the difference when your first hours of camping are not spent setting up tents in the dark, tripping over coolers, and trying to pound out the rocks under your sleeping bag.

With your accommodations at our Waypoint Outposts, you can turn your full attention to the itinerary planning! We would love to spend some time sharing all of our favorite spots in the Camp Verde area, so stay tuned for the next blog, where we’ll begin to highlight the best of the best this area has to offer!

We’ve got all the tips and info you need to customize your next glamping trip at Waypoint Outposts for memorable fun throughout your stay. Consider us your glamping gurus. The truth is, we think glamping is the most epic way to experience the outdoors. Our founders at Waypoint Outposts have awesome experiences to draw from when it comes to glamping in style. Let’s meet them now!

Meet Jason and Taylor

Jason and Taylor are the masterminds behind this epic glamping experience. With an affinity for the outdoors, they make camping with family and friends a priority, enjoying nature and seeking new adventures.

But they are no ordinary campers! A knack for comfortable “glamping” accommodations has allowed them to adventure in style. Only this power couple could plan a six-week road trip, covering 6,000 miles across the Pacific Northwest and beyond, all with their three young girls, and come back with a dream for how to offer this experience to others.

The launching of Waypoint Outposts was a culmination of the joy and fun they experienced on this trip, mixed with the desire to provide a way for others to experience it too. They teamed up with many friends to make their dream a reality.

Jason brings the ability to visualize, develop, and market the plans, while Taylor’s creative eye polishes each site to its fullest potential. In turn, guests of the Outposts walk away with much more than a few nights under the stars. They walk away with laughter, rich conversation around the campfire, and lasting memories.

How It Works

Are you intrigued by the possibility of staying with us? We’d love to clarify how our Waypoint Outposts work so you can be confident when booking. When you reserve nights at Waypoint Outposts, you’re getting a furnished campsite with all you need for a comfy stay. It’s all set up and ready for you when you get here!

What’s Included

  • A spacious 120-square-foot canvas tent
  • Real beds, cozy linens, blankets, and pillows
  • Portable heater
  • WiFi
  • Dresser, rugs, and other accessorized furnishings
  • Shared fire pits
  • Camp kitchen access
  • Hammock stations
  • Yard games
  • Camp restrooms (with shower and flushing toilet)

Save the time and energy it takes to think through your packing list, haul the gear, and set up your site. The Waypoint Outposts are a perfect way to experience the fun of camping without the hassle of hauling and setting up gear.

About The Camp Setup

Each Waypoint Outpost, each campsite, and even down to each tent setup is intentionally built, furnished, and decorated with you in mind.

Enjoying a stay at one of our Waypoint Outposts is more than a space to sleep. It’s space to spend time with family while playing some corn hole. It’s space to laugh and sing around a campfire with s’mores to share. It’s space to take a breather from the busyness of life and breathe in fresh air, listen to sounds of nature, and be refueled inside.

It’s our joy to be able to provide a space that does each of these things for our guests. We love hearing the stories about memories made, relationships strengthened, and the all around refreshment nature can bring to our souls!

Jason said it best when summing up one of his family camping adventures. “We never could have anticipated the good that came from this trip. Our girls explored all day everyday. Seeing the way nature brought all of us such joy and rejuvenation to our souls, in ways we didn’t know we needed, was the greatest gift.”