Traveling to Sedona, Part 2

Top 3 Restaurants in Sedona

The stunning red rocks of Sedona catch your eye from a multitude of activities-hiking, biking, driving, and other excursions. We’ll get to a few of those in our next blog on various adventures to book while you’re visiting. But for today, we want to focus on the breathtaking views while enjoying the fine dining this area has to offer!  

You’ll find many options of restaurants to get that scenic view of the mountainsides or catch a sunset from a patio. Additionally, you can make your food stop at various locations in town, along the touristy uptown Sedona, nestled in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, or west of the main streets and into the heart of the city.

Let’s dive into our favorite spots! It’s difficult to narrow these down, but we’ll give you a taste!

1. Cowboy Club

Located along the 89A, this family owned, “High Desert Cuisine” in the Southwest is a crowd favorite! Known as “Oak Creek Tavern” back in the day, this 75-year-old establishment saw a lot of action in its early days. Established in 1946, the tavern wore many hats as the town meeting spot, pool hall, and grocery store. Throughout the 50’s and 60’s there was lots of buzz with western films and celebrities passing through. 

Now, you can enjoy the fine Southwest dining within the original wood walls of the tavern. Be sure to check your menu for award-winning angus steaks as well as unique plates of rattlesnake and cactus! When in Arizona, right?

2. Elote Cafe

If you’re looking for an authentic and elegant Mexican dinner, look no further than Elote Cafe! Here, the restaurant boasts of their “timeless recipes of southern Mexico meeting the bold farm-fresh flavors of the American Southwest.”

With dinner-only hours, you’ll need to fit this stop in between 5-9 pm on Tuesdays through Saturdays. The award-winning restaurant has received applause from various news media. Its  owner and head chef, Jeff Smedstad, empowered his passion for cooking by traveling all throughout Mexico-Oaxaca, Veracruz, and Puebla-to incorporate authenticity into his dishes. You’ll find bold and fresh flavors and a handpicked cocktail menu to create an amazing dining experience. 

3. Dahl & DiLuca

If Italian food is more your style, head into Dahl & DiLuca for an elegant and Italian-inspired dining experience. Located north of the Sedona Airport, along the 89A, this spot is a local favorite!

You’ll enjoy a special touch on various Italian classic dishes, which has made Dahl & DiLuca an award-winning establishment for 25 years! In addition to the signature menu, you’ll find an extensive list of wines offered. This gem in Sedona has been the winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for 15 consecutive years.

Is anyone else’s stomach growling? You can’t go wrong with these fine dining choices sprinkled within the buzz of the Sedona area. It’s a perfect addition to your Sedona stop after a long day of activities and sunshine. Be sure to try them out and let us know what you think! But be sure to save room for s’mores when you get back to camp at the Safari Village!