Out of Africa Wildlife Park

With lions and tigers as our next-door neighbors here at Safari Village, we have to tell you about the exciting opportunity to visit Out of Africa Wildlife Safari Park! While you can hear the animals from your tent at our outpost, you can experience them live at the park! And with your Safari Village receipt, you can take advantage of 20% off your admission ticket price!

Various shows, activities, and attractions will keep you busy throughout the park. We’ll hit our favorite highlights below, but if you peruse the Out of Africa website, you can get all the detailed information for your visit.


With a chance to get up close and personal with many species, check the schedule for daily shows! Professional trainers will guide different experiences for you and the family to enjoy unique and exciting wildlife interactions! See the Bengal and Siberian tigers playing, pose with some crazy cool reptiles, or hold a python! The parks’ trained professionals make this experience safe and available for the whole family! 


Take a 30-min Safari ride through the park’s wildlife tour! Included with your park admission, this tour runs several times a day and will be a memorable thrill on your visit. Don’t forget to feed the giraffes with our provided treats! It’s a great way to become their BFF. 

Three days a week, you can also catch one of the park’s most popular activities, the Predator Feed! This walking tour allows you to witness the intensity of ferocious predators and their mealtime manners. You’ll want to pull out the camera for this one. 


When lunchtime hits, you might resonate with the ravenous lions at the predator feed and start to hunt for your own food! No worries. You can find food options to meet your preference at the Jungle Hut Eatery and Thee Place. Check the park’s website for specific hours of operation, and enjoy the wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, and snacks! Word to the wise: save room for some Hawaiian shaved ice!

The Gift Shop is a great way to take some of the memories with you after a wonderful adventure in the park. Books, stuffed animals, and other memorabilia will make the perfect gift or keepsake from your time. 

One thing is for sure-when you get back to your tent at Safari Village, there will be endless stories and laughs around the campfire as you review your exciting experience. We can’t wait for you to tag us in some pictures and tell us about the thrills of the day!


Photo Credit: https://outofafricapark.com/